Eurolabs, an NABL accredited analytical laboratory, offers Chemical, Mechanical and Biological testing services along with Validations, Research and Failure investigations. Eurolabs provides reliable, affordable and accurate testing services as per international standards and specifications using well-equipped facilities and state of the art instruments. Each sample and each test requirement are unique. Whether it is classical analysis or the new age instrumentation we have the right mix of people adept to handle every requirement.

Eurolabs means "clear and consistent" and our company stands up to its name. Eurolabs as a company values integrity, personal excellence and continual improvement. Eurolabs is committed to its customers and takes pride in serving them and striving for the highest quality. The senior management and the staff are independent, engaged, committed, and effective. Eurolabs Management establishes, maintains, and monitors standards and policies for ethics, business practices, and compliance across the company.

With over 10,000+ staff in around 200 laboratories across the globe, Eurolabs is the world leader in food, environment and pharmaceutical products testing. It is also one of the global market leaders in agroscience, discovery pharmacology, and central laboratory services. In addition, Eurolabs is the fast growing and highly qualified in Ores, Metals, Minerals and Agri-product testing in South America and Asia.

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Eurolabs guarantees complete customer satisfaction by assuring:

  • Clear and Accurate reporting
  • Professional customer interactions on technical and non-technical queries
  • Testing as per customer provided specifications (where applicable)
  • Testing as per standard specifications and regulatory requirements
  • Sample preparation for the mineral samples
  • Periodic status updates upon request
  • Environmental services for the minerals
  • Analyses of different grades of ores
  • Mineral laboratories at mine site
  • Analysis of Precious metals
  • Inspection and testing of coal samples
  • Consulting services for the minerals
  • Inspection and Survey of the minerals
  • Short turnaround time
  • Affordable Pricing